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 The Cecilia Studio 

Discovering Your Voice..

In the last eight years of my career, I have been given the remarkable honor of helping countless students discover the beauty of expressing themselves with pure and authentic sound. The life force behind my teaching philosophy is the concept of authenticity, the ability to maximize the efficiency of a student’s vocal technique while also maintaining the conviction that the art of singing is a simple act. I believe we are already born with the ability to make the most of our voices, and that the foundational concepts of healthy vocal pedagogy lie deep within our most instinctual sounds. I teach singing as a full body experience, and I help guide students toward the repertoire that fits them like a glove, while also allowing them to be in control of their own musical destiny. Whether young or old, the art of singing is both stimulating to the mind and healing to the soul. Singing is not exclusive, every voice is art, and deserves a seat at the table. Come join my sweet little shed studio and the empowering community we aim to create! 

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 Studio Offerings

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Private Voice Lessons: 55 per hour 

Offered on a weekly or bimonthly basis, consistent private voice lessons are the greatest way to maximize the depth of your training in the Cecilia Studio, and have access to all the best things my community has to offer. Included in the cost of regular private lessons is access to performance opportunities in fall and spring recitals,  and track editing/32 bar cut services for audition preparation. 

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Vocal Consultations: 40 per half hour 

Offered as a one time commitment, this is an opportunity to assess if regular private voice lessons are right for you at a lesser cost. The student can also choose to take a series of shorter consultations for repertoire assessment or audition/performance preparation. For an additional 15 dollar fee, the student will also gain access to my track editing services for opportunities involving edited digital media. If a student books at least four consecutive consultations in the six months leading up to a recital, they are eligible to partake in that student recital performance.


Recitals: For Current Students 

Two times per year in the fall and the spring, The Cecilia Studio offers exciting recital opportunities for current students and those who have taken at least four consultations in the previous six months. Each student is able to perform a maximum of two selections at each event in front of a supportive and uplifting audience. All recital events include refreshments and a pie raffle courtesy of my mothers acclaimed bakery, The Harvest Pie Company. 

Studio Calendar 

Please consult my schedule below for available lesson times. If a time that works for you is taken with no other alternative, please email to join a waitlist for that time. You will be notified if it becomes available! 


4-5PM: NA



7-8PM: NA 


2-3PM: NA

3-4PM: NA 

4-5PM: NA 


2-3PM: NA 

3-4PM: NA 

4-5PM: NA

Tentative Recital Schedule: 

Spring Recital: June 17th 2023 
Fall Recital: To Be Announced


12-1PM: NA 

1-2 PM: 

2-3PM: NA

3-4PM: NA



6-7PM: NA

*NA=already taken, Blank=currently available - please read studio policies below before inquiring, you will be asked to sign a version of this document prior to your lesson start date. Pending=Potential Registration in Process. Please email for any additional questions.


4-5PM: NA 

5-6PM: NA 


Registration Inquiry
please fill out the form below to get started with lessons! 

Thank you for your interest in the Cecilia Studio!


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